Add Facial Recognition Software to your Toolbox

You already use latents and DNA to solve cases. Enhance your crime fighting tools with advanced facial recognition software for police. Match faces from surveillance photos against booking photos from your agency and others.


Industry leading accuracy in face matching

Central Repository

Share data with other law enforcement agencies


Automated follow-up solves cold cases

Data Management

Data secured using CJIS best practices

What customers say about us

AFR Engine is working great for us!

AFR Engine is working great for us! It is one of our top used resources and is wonderful for getting leads on identifying suspects. I know we have been able to get leads on a lot of cases using this resource.

Cory (Crime Analyst)
Reckless Homicide

I used AFR Engine for the first time to investigate a reckless homicide case. I had a social media image of the suspect but did not have a real name. My search in AFR Engine provided me with an investigative lead that broke my case open.

Jessica (Detective)
Multi-city thefts

I assisted a neighboring agency with a theft investigation and used AFR to generate leads on two suspects. I recognized the distinctive name of one of them and discovered the thefts were related to an unsolved case at my agency as well. We were able to identify all of the involved suspects.

Josh (Detective)
State-wide crime ring

One of our beauty supply stores was hit with a $4,000 shoplifting. A witness had cell phone video of the suspects running out. We were able to identify one of the suspects using AFR and found out they were involved in a state-wide organized crime ring.

James (Detective)
We solve and connect cases in a quicker manner

AFR has assisted in providing investigative leads in numerous cases from robberies and grand thefts to field contacts of uncocoperative individuals. With the assistance of AFR Engine, our agency has been able to solve and connect cases in a quicker manner than before. The facial recognition software has even been successful when the subject's face was partially covered and it is a valued asset to our agency.

Stephanie (Crime Analyst)
AFR Engine has helped us solve 57 cases

Using AFR Engine, I have assisted agencies from multiple counties, even out of state, solve a total of 57 cases ranging from low level crime to violent crimes. The ease of use, and immediate results, in my opinion, make the investment our agency has made a very sound decision.

Allan (Crime Analyst)
Finally a software not only easy to use, but the results are astounding!

I can attest to the program working. It seems like every time I enter a face, the software comes back with a hit in seconds. We have identified people from shoplifting all the way to homicide. I really don't know what we did without it.

Steven (Detective)
Quick Identification

Industry leading accuracy allows you to generate investigative leads within seconds so you can solve cases faster and more frequently

Shared Data

Increase your case closure rate by tapping into booking photos provided by police departments across the United States

Time Savings

Let us handle the followup on your cold cases. We'll only notify you when there are new leads to investigate so you can focus your time on workable cases.

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